trouble in the republic

“What’s the point? We’re all screwed anyways.”

That’s what an old friend said to me in light of recent political events. (He didn’t vote in the recent presidential election. “It wouldn’t change anything,” is his justification).

That is his knee-jerk reaction to any situation he finds disagreeable — to disengage from the world and then rationalize it with an esoteric political rant he read on an internet forum. I grew frustrated with his nihilism and wondered where else such a view fetters in his life.

Was that always inside of him, or am I only realizing it now? How frustrating and sad it is to see former friends slip into apathy and cynicism. I fear I will fall into that same comfortable trap if I continue spending time with him.



I can’t change my friend, and I can’t change the outcome of the election. But there’s still a lot in this world worth fighting for. Now is not the time to retreat into a cubbyhole.