You can email me at: wesleyschan [at]

Happy to schedule tea time or coffee chats in person, too.

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  1. Dear Wes,

    UCSD has been good! I’ve actually begun to cook over at Ryan’s a lot haha and at Michelle’s place. I’ll show you my skills when you get back. I really miss ya Wes! Please tell me about your day today, or night. Lately I have also been getting jobs in graphic design, and I sent a resume to MUIR COLLEGE for their graphic design position. I hope I get it… but I am super nervous that I won’t. I’ll talk to you soon!

    1. Waz!
      Happy to hear from you. It’s barely 3 PM here in Utrecht and I can already see the sunset. Winter’s coming, but the good company here keeps me warm. I’ve started to enjoy cooking for myself as well — let’s have dinner together when I’m back in California. 🙂

      Do let me know how the job hunt goes. I’m rooting for you.

      Warm wishes,

  2. Hey Wesley!

    I just finished reading all of your blog’s posts, up til February 27th haha. Wow… glad to hear you’re thriving in the Netherlands. It’s amazing how well you’re immersing yourself in such a new kind of life – the different people, the culture, landscape, and all. I always admired you for being the adventurous type! 🙂

    Miss seeing you around Muir. Keep the posts coming!

  3. Wes!

    I got the job as Muir’s graphic intern! WOOP WOOP and I’m also volunteering at ISPO 🙂 I can’t wait to hear all of your stories when you get back. Keep making those memories Wes!

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