Or: “round-dizzy” in Danish.

It’s the special kind of dizziness you get from spinning around too much.

Sometimes I feel this while when running down the stairs from the top floor of the apartment building. Dutch staircases are famous for being narrow and steep to save money.

I wonder if the same feeling applies if I’m looking at M.C. Escher’s “Relativity”.

My neighbor Maja walks up and down fourteen flights of stairs each time she returns and leaves home. Not once has she taken the elevator the entire time she’s been living here in Cambridgelaan. Even in large groups, if people are taking the elevator, she will still be taking the stairs.

Is it out of principle? Habit? Health? Or just plain stubborn? Perhaps it’s a combination of them all.

My neighbor Brian and I are doing the same: taking the stairs up and down. The lift has a habit of breaking down with people inside of them anyway.